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Mortgage Brokers or Banks: Which is Right For You?
In the market for a mortgage? Make sure you understand the difference between using a mortgage broker and a bank for your financing needs before you proceed. When you're looking for a home loan, you might work with an officer at a bank or other lending institution, or you might choose to work with a mortgage broker. The end result is the same - a new house, but the two types of jobs differ [...]

What You Can Do To Avoid Foreclosure by Gary Giardina
Are your behind in your mortgage payments? Are you receiving calls from your bank looking for their money? Do you find yourself robbing Peter to pay Paul?
If any of the above scenarios describe you, you may be headed on your way to foreclosure. The first thing you should do, or shouldn't do, is not to ignore the warning signs. If you're receiving phone calls and letters from your bank, then by all means respond to the inquiries. Since you did sign on the dotted line when you purchased the house, they have a legal right to come after you about their money that you borrowed from them.[...]

Sale By Owner Real Estate
If you do not know what for sale by owner real estate is you must not be living in the United States. Over the past five years, this type of real estate has really taken off. This is not to say that it is better than using an agent in order to sell, because this is based on opinion, but it is becoming more popular. There is not a lot that you need to know about for sale by owner real estate, but just like everything in this industry, there are some things that you will want to know before getting started. [...]

Why Use Escrow In Real Estate Investing?
What is escrow? Escrow is when two or more people or parties enter into a legal agreement that provides for the placement with a third party for safekeeping certain properties, instruments, or assets, and the release of these properties, instruments, or assets is contingent on the performance or fulfillment of certain conditions or acts. An escrow account is an account that is specifically set up only to disburse funds for a specific reason or use. In real estate investing and other transactions of this type, escrow accounts are normally used to hold funds that are intended for insurance premiums and real estate taxes that have been paid in advance and can only be released for these intended purposes. [...]

Sell Your Home For More With A Home Appraisal
If you are planning on selling your home, you should invest in a home appraisal. A home appraisal is not the same as a home inspection, but will give you a bit more clout when it comes to getting a good price for your home, most of the time. [...]

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